Ги гледате сите јазици горе? Ние го преведуваме Global Voices за да ги направиме светските граѓански приказни достапни за сите.

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The Global Voices Lingua Project amplifies Global Voices stories with the help of volunteer translators. It opens the line of communication with non-English speaking bloggers and readers of Global Voices by translating content into 35+ languages. If your language doesn't appear either on the left or below, please apply to start a new Lingua here.

We also welcome volunteers who can translate from one of our languages into Macedonian.

Dragan Kucirov, Lingua Editor

Dragan Kucirov, Macedonian Lingua Editor.


We have a community of 500 volunteer translators around the world. To join our team, all you need to do is to fill in this application form. The relevant editor will then get in touch with you with the next steps.